Young People Are Risking Their Health For Cheap Flights Amid Coronavirus

It’s a matter of fun — and affordability — over fear!

As air travel becomes increasingly precarious with flight cancellations and country-wide quarantines amid the coronavirus pandemic, some young people are taking advantage of cheaper tickets.

“I feel like if the coronavirus would get even more serious and like wipe out a large amount of people, I might as well be somewhere having fun,” 20-year-old Ashley Henkeltells NBCof her recent decision to book three cheap summer flights. The resident of California’s Central Valley has decided not to let the virus drive her into self-quarantine, but instead enable her to scratch her itch to travel.

There’s “no fun in staying at home and being all worried,” says Henkel, who’s looking forward to her freshly planned trips to Vancouver, British Columbia, New York and Portland, Ore.

Guy Monahan, 31, tells The Post he’s taking advantage of rapidly dropping airfare to score cheap flights to the 2020 Summer Olympics in Japan this July.

“I’ve been tracking — It was a $1,000 round-trip a few months ago but is $800 now,” the Queens-based drone engineer says, adding that he’s hopeful tickets to the event itself may beeasier to get due to the virus.

“And if it is cancelled, I can still go to Japan,” Monahan tells The Post. “I don’t think it would affect me too bad. The flight might be rough though, ha.”

Some fearless fliers are even taking to social media to brag about the good deals they’ve booked thanks to COVID-19 panic.

“You really think Coronavirus is gonna stop me booking a holiday and catching a flight?” Jack Mulligan, 29,tweeted Monday after he saved more than $350 on a May jaunt to the Dominican Republic.

Source:NY Post

Image: Getty

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