A New Term Emerges to Describe Kind COVID Acts

The coronavirus news can be depressing stuff, but a spate of stories is emerging as a counterpoint—strangers helping strangers, particularly the most vulnerable. In fact, the term "Caremongering" is catching on to describe what's going on. Some examples:

  • Scared seniors:In Bend, Ore., 25-year-old Rebecca Mehratweetedthat she was walking into a Safeway supermarket when an elderly couple in their car, too scared to go inside, asked her for help with their shopping. Mehra provided it, and her tweet has been shared more than 100,000 times. "I think that this was just kind of a small light in a dark time, like a nice story of kindness that inspired a lot of people. I'm grateful for that," she noted, perUSA Today. See her interview onCNN.
  • 'Angels':A pre-med student at the University of Nevada-Reno, organized volunteers from her medical fraternity to do shopping for older local residents more vulnerable to COVID-19, reportsCNN. After local media reported on Jayde Powell's "shopping angels" idea, the movement took off. She's now trying to coordinate volunteer shoppers across the country throughFacebook. She also launched aGoFundMepage for the needy.

Source: Newser




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