A Simple Act Of Kindness During Coronavirus In Lansdale Goes A Long Way!

My friend Alesia shared her story about what happened, A small act of kindness during this Corona Virus will go a long way! Please read:what my friend Alesia wrote on Social media:

As I was exiting the drive-thru at a fast food restaurant recently, I saw a trucker sitting in an oversized tractor trailer in the parking lot. I realized he wanted something to eat, but obviously couldn't drive through to get a meal with a large truck, and they weren't allowing people without a vehicle at the drive-thru window, so I walked up to the truck and asked the driver if he'd like me to go through for him and get him something to eat. He reluctantly agreed, looking shocked that I would even offer. I went back to the drive-thru and got him his food. When I arrived back at the truck and gave him his meal, his face just lit up. It was amazing to me how much he appreciated my doing something that took just a few minutes of my time.. (And, yes, I used hand sanitizer before and after I took the meal bag to minimize contact.) He offered to tip me, but I refused. I believe a gesture of kindness is most meaningful when its done without the expectation of getting something in return, so I simply thanked him for doing the job he does every day, driving across the country in all kinds of weather, and spending much time away from his family to deliver the food and supplies that we all need and take for granted every day.

During COVID-19, when restaurant drive thrus are often the only choice available, if you see a trucker sitting in the parking area nearby, offer to go through and get a meal for them. A small act of kindness can really make a big difference to someone else. It's nice when we can work together to help one another, especially in such challenging times, because we are all in this together.

Way to Go Alesia!!

If you have an act of kindness during this corona virus please email me at:DanielBlackman@iheartmedia.com

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