When Could You Receive A Second Stimulus Check? Here's the Info We Know!

Stimulus Checks To Americans

Stimulus Checks To Americans

It's July, and the clock is ticking for Congress to decide ona second stimulus check. The ball is in the Senate's court, and Majority LeaderMitch McConnell has committed to making a decision one way or another by the end of the month. "We will not be here in August," he said, referring to the back and forth over anothercoronavirusrelief bill.

Now, when exactly that decision comes is another matter entirely, especially when you count up the 10 business days the Senate is not in session this month, due to a planned two-week recess when senators will be in their home states. 

There's another break in August, too, and looking at these dates can help mark out a window of time when Congress could givea new stimulus checkthe green light -- and when the IRS could send the first batch of new checks, if they're approved. Read on for what we know. Read more here>>>https://www.cnet.com/personal-finance/when-could-you-receive-a-second-stimulus-check-we-might-have-a-pretty-good-idea/

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