Meet Dilly! Children's Hospital Of Philadelphia Welcomes First Facility Dog



It's National Dog Day so I wanted to share this story!

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia has officially welcomed its first, full-time trained facility dog.

Dilly, a two-year-old Labrador, will help ease anxiety and reduce stress for young patients and their families.

He is also trained to do tasks such as teaching children how to take a pill, keep them calm during medical interventions, provide incentives for them to get out of bed for a walk and much more.

Dilly's handler, Elizabeth Olson, talked with Action News about all that this specially-trained dog can do.

"So he's able to help with speech pathology sessions - physical therapy, occupational therapy. If they're working on helping a child with their hands, they can brush Dilly with a special brush. He can also help with coping and normalizing the hospital experience. He'll play board games with some of the kids if they're having a hard time coping, and he also helps kids who are afraid of dogs or haven't had a chance>>> Read more here>>>

Source: 6 abc

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