A New Version Of The Rubik's Cube In Stores To Celebrate It's 40th Anniv.

The Toy Fair

The Toy Fair

What makes its success all the remarkable is that it didnotstart out as atoy. TheRubik's cubewas invented in 1974 by ErnoRubik, a Hungarian architect, who wanted a working model to help explain three-dimensional geometry. It was in stores for sale starting in 1980.

In 2020, the puzzle invented by Hungary's Ernő Rubik celebrates the 40th anniversary of its international launch. The original 3 x 3 x 3 format has now expanded to embrace the dodecahedron-shaped Megaminx, the Pyraminx, the Clock (a two-sided puzzle, each face featuring nine clocks to be aligned) and more.

Source: Telegraphco.UK. google.com

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