#LoveSomeoneWithDelilah ... *LISTEN NOW* Podcast with Lindsay Teague Moreno

Ever have the desire to be your own boss? To take a passion of yours to the next level and offer it up, and get paid for your time and talent? If so, then my guest today on LOVE SOMEONE with Delilah is definitely someone you want to get to know! Lindsay Teague Moreno is a married mama of three little ones, a successful business owner, podcaster, and author. Her book, "Boss Up!" was my book club pick for last September, and I am super happy to be able to talk with her today.

She's an ardent advocate for women entrepreneurs, and those who want it all but give themselves 50 excuses why "right now" isn't the right time. Lindsay helps women gain the confidence to know that having ambition doesn't diminish their roles of wife or mother, it ENHANCES it! It is not only OK to want it all, it's also very possible! I'm so glad you've decided to join us for this episode.