Sweet Boy Plays National Anthem On Trumpet Every Night During Quarantine

There's so much light in an incredibly dark time in our lives... People of all ages are coming together to show love and unity & it's something we're not really used to seeing. We found a special story being shared on Facebook of a boy named Albert practicing his trumpet. He caught his mom's attention after he'd been practicing his trumpet playing the National anthem every single day after dinner. His mom posted a short video that made it all make sense and quite honestly put a big lump in our throats... 

"Everyday at 6:30pm my 11year old son, plays The Star Spangled Banner with his trumpet. At first, I didn’t think much of it. I thought he was just practicing with his trumpet. Finally I asked him, why are you playing the song everyday - his answer melted my heart . He said I want everyone to not lose hope and let everyone know we will be okay! #quarantine #america" 

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