Natasha Bedingfield Talks New Music And Working With Paul McCartney


After a 9 year break from music, "Pocketful Of Sunshine" singer Natasha Bedingfield sat down with Helen Little in our Dunkin' Latte Lounge to talk about her new music, performing for NASA, and working with the legendary Paul McCartney.

"Paul McCartney that was definitely one of the highlights for me because I'm such a huge Beatles fan. I wrote a song about the earth, a love song to the earth and it was about how it belongs to us but that doesn't give us a right to treat it badly. The fact that you own something means you look after it and it was very exciting that Paul McCartney wanted to be part of that project. I sang it at the UN and it was one of my first experience of realizing that I don't like public speaking very much I'd rather put something in a song but I found that when I talked about stuff that I cared about it was very easy."

What an incredible experience! Check out Helen's full interview with the "Unwritten" singer above and watch Bedingfield's performance in the Dunkin Latte Lounge here.

Helen Little

Helen Little

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