Girl Finds Mysterious ROOM Behind Her NYC Apartment Bathroom Mirror!

Happy Thursday - these videos will surely leave you shook today! In a series of TikTok videos posted Wednesday night, a woman noted that she had a draft in her New York City apartment, and that it was coming from the bathroom, but she couldn't tell where. She realized it was not coming from any vents, but that it was coming first through a hole in the wall where the door handle clicks in, and then from... the bathroom MIRROR!

We've gotta say, a lot of these videos aren't as shocking as you expect them to be, but this one takes the cake. She realizes that the draft is coming from the mirror, and then is able to take the mirror off pretty easily - and realizes that there is a hole in the wall behind the mirror. This may seem standard, with some electrical wiring there, but then she realizes that it's not just a hole - but an ENTIRE ROOM! And honestly what appears to be possibly a series of rooms, not just one! Where does it lead? What's in there? She decides to go in, and hasn't posted a Part 3 yet, but we'll keep you posted!

People on Twitter were comparing the situation to the 1992 horror movie "Candyman." This does feel like a real life horror movie though, doesn't it?

Warning: explicit language in tweet captions.


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