Girl Who Found Secret Apartment Behind Her Mirror Gives Surprising Update!

Earlier this month, we told you about the videos that went totally viral online, of a New York City woman (Samantha Hartsoe) who filmed herself finding a secret apartment on the other side of her mirror in her New York City apartment bathroom. (CLICK HERE to watch the videos… it’s truly a ride!)

On Tuesday of this week, Samantha appeared on Ellen’s show to answer a few questions - and reveal that, despite everything that has happened, she… still has not gotten that hole in the mirror covered up! What?!!

Hartsoe added that even though everyone in the comments has been wondering why she went in, she couldn’t help herself, even if, as Ellen put it, “somebody was in there when you’re not home, taking off the mirror on the other side and coming into your apartment.”

People may also be surprised to find out that as of last week, Yahoo! reported that Hartsoe had apparently not even contacted her landlord yet (again, what?!) but had put in a maintenance request about the hole. Guess maintenance is working a little slow on this one, since again, she says nothing has been done about it yet!

The interview ended on a high note for Samantha, with Ellen gifting her a brand new bathroom set up and $10,000. It pays to have a viral video, apparently! Watch the full interview below.

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