These Are All The New White Claw Flavors For 2021!

It looks like it's DEFINITELY going to be another #WhiteClawSummer, with the company in the process of releasing a TON of new product, as well as announcing some upcoming new flavors as well.

So right now, we have White Claw flavor packs #1 and #2 out in the wild, with "White Claw 70" iterations and a smattering of random 6-packs of different flavors from the variety pack #1 and #2.

This week, however, the company announced a slew of new products.

White Claw Iced Tea - Iced Tea seltzers have been growing fast, with companies like Truly already releasing their line. White Claw's includes Lemon, Mango, Raspberry, and Peach. According to a press release this week, these are available nationwide NOW.

White Claw 18-pack and 24-pack variety packs - These don't include any new flavors, but they are new to the line, since all you could get before was 12 or 6 packs. These 18 and 24-packs include popular flavors Black Cherry, Mango, and Watermleon. These also appear to be available now.

White Claw flavor pack #3 - We weren't expecting another flavor pack so soon, but it's happening! This new flavor pack includes the already-released Mango, along with Blackberry, Strawberry, and Pineapple (which is already out in the "White Claw 70" iteration.) These appear to be available now in some locations, but it appears an April launch is still likely nationwide.

And this may be my favorite from the entire line of new products... White Claw SURGE! These will also be available in April, and are in Cranberry and Blood Orange flavors. Not only do they sound great, but they are 8% (!) versus the usual 5%.

Which one are you most excited for?

Photos: White Claw

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