TikTok Goes Viral For Man's Pronunciation Of "Wawa"

A TikTok is going viral on the internet for probably all the reasons, at least for Philadelphians, with a man talking about his local Wawa and how much he loves it. Innocent enough, but then he finally says the word “Wawa” and it…. is quite different.

In the 5 second TikTok, he goes, “The great thing about my area of the world…. This … is a weah-weah.”

He pronounces it “weah weah” and it has left social media shook. It’s unclear if the TikTok user, @c4nna2cook0, posted it as a joke or if he was serious.

Upon further inspection of the entire TikTok from his account below, it seems that he was legitimately trying to just prop up Wawa, and not make a joke about it.. so we’re left unsure if he really believes it’s pronounced that way, or if he was trying to make a joke or go viral. We’ll let you be the judge.

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