Yahoo! Answers Is Officially Shutting Down

The icon is officially going kaput. The website where we've all seen at least one (if not many, many) funny and hilarious "questions" being answered is sadly going away.

Yahoo! announced that it's legendary "Yahoo! Answers" section will officially say goodnight on May 4th.

That day, the Yahoo! Answers website will start redirecting to the Yahoo! plain homepage, and it won't be archived - so make sure you save any funny ones now.

The site has been around for 16 long, iconic years, and has essentially turned into a meme.

Yahoo! also announced that they will no longer accept any new questions even earlier - on April 20th. If you've ever asked a question before or answered one, you have until June 30th to "request the data."

In a note, Yahoo! said that the platform had become "less popular over the years" and that the company "decided to shift our resources away."

You can read the entire note & get more info about the sad shut down right here.

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