You Can Visit Original 'Friday The 13th' Filming Location in New Jersey!

This is every horror movie lovers dream! You can now visit one of the most iconic movie locations of all time - and it's close to us here in the Philly area!

Crystal Lake Tours has announced new dates to visit the original filming location for the classic "Friday the 13th", at "Camp Crystal Lake", which is at Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco in Hardwick, New Jersey (about a two hour drive from Philly).

The only catch is that you must buy tickets to the tour, which goes through all of the camp's filming locations (including of course the waterfront lake), but the camp is private property and closed to the public outside of the tour dates.

The 2021 tour runs from April 16th through June 6th, but you may want to get your tickets fast because some dates are already selling out. These are also the last tour dates util late August.

You can buy tickets directly from Crystal Lake Tours right here.

Photo: Crystal Lake Tours

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