'The Talk' Returns & Addresses Sharon Osbourne's Exit (WATCH)

It was a big day on CBS's "The Talk", as the show returned for live episodes nearly a month to the day since the now infamous March 10th episode that led to Sharon Osbourne's departure from the show.

In today's episode, in which you can see a clip below, Underwood opened saying that she feared being perceived as "the angry Black Woman", and it hit extra sharp when Sharon scolded Sheryl saying that she shouldn't cry.

Underwood added: “I’m not tearing up because I hurt your feelings or want some sympathy, I’m crying because I have to restrain myself. Women, particularly Black women, are constantly being told, “Don’t express your emotions on a job,” and she referenced Osbourne’s on-air command as an example.

Sheryl went on to say that she hadn't been in contact with Sharon since the episode, though Sharon alleged that she had texted her. Sheryl said that she did not respond to anything she had gotten since the incident was under internal review by CBS.

Co-host Elaine Welteroth added that she thought Osbourne "was not listening and went off the rails into disrespect" during the incident. Both Elaine and Sheryl disputed the accusations that higher ups or anyone in the cast conspired to "attack" Osbourne.

As for the future of the friendship, Underwood said, "If she greeted me warmly and sincerely I could give her that insight... if you're friends with somebody you stay friends."

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