Philadelphia Film Society Is Reopening The Ritz at the Bourse Venue!

It’s back! Mostly - just with a new name!

Movie lovers in Philadelphia were very upset back in January 2020 when the Ritz at the Bourse, one of the 3 legendary “Ritz” theaters in the city, announced it was closing. But nearly a year and a half later, there is finally some good news.

The Inquirer reports that the Philadelphia Film Society has negotiated a brand new lease with the property owner, and will spend $750,000 to renovate the former Ritz at the Bourse 5-screen site to open a new facility sometime in May!

The new facility won’t bear the Ritz name — it will be called the “PFS Bourse” — but they add that it will have the “same kind of speciality fare that screened at the Ritz at the Bourse” with possibly some more mainstream content.

The new facility will open as a bit of revamp of the PFS’s other theater, Roxy, that closed during the pandemic and won’t reopen. The new facility will staff with workers from the Roxy. The Roxy was located at 20th & Sansom, near Helium Comedy Club, and only had two screens.

In terms of the Ritz theaters, both the Ritz East and Ritz Five are both still standing, but only the Ritz Five is open right now due to the temporary closures from the pandemic.

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