The Internet Is Shocked And Stunned At This "Ultimate Spaghetti Hack"

Your daily viral video is here and this one... is pretty *interesting* we'd say.

A woman's video is now trending on social media for being the "ultimate Spaghetti hack" - in which she pours, one by one, her Prego spaghetti sauce, and then meatballs, and then grated cheese, and finally the spaghetti... all over the kitchen table. Then the "hack" part comes in, where she uses the countertop space to just mash everything together.

There's many questions here - why the countertop? Was the countertop thoroughly cleaned before this? Why Prego? And why are you making so much spaghetti that you need an entire countertop to make it? Check out the video below, and some of the funny responses from Twitter.