Whoopi, Joy Behar Go Off On Megan McCain During Heated "The View" Segments

Another day, another heated segment on "The View."

On today's show, the women were discussing Georgia representative Marjorie Taylor Greene's recent comparison of mask wearing in the United States to the Holocaust, and with the show running out of time, Whoopi had to take the show to commercial. However, this came during a segment where Megan McCain was speaking, and she did not tight take lightly to Whoopi trying to end and go to break, angrily yelling, "Why are you cutting me off?", leading Whoopi to get angry, and say, "I'm cutting you off because we have to go, Megan! Why do you think I'm cutting off you off?!" as the show officially went to break.

The show then came back from commercial break, where tensions were clearly still high, and the show was still discussing Greene's comments as well as antisemitism. Joy said she resented one of the comments Megan made, leading Megan to say, "I resent a lot of things, so we're even."

Joy hit back, adding that she's been talking about antisemitism for 25 years on the show, and that Megan should not be giving her advice on what to say.

Megan then added that she knows they do "separate" things on the show, and knows Joy has been on the show for 25 years, adding she's "been here for 4."

That didn't sit well with Joy, with her adding, "That's right. That's right. Should have some respect for that, once in a blue moon", leading Megan to roll her eyes and scoff.

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