Whoopi Snaps Back At Meghan McCain: "Be How You Always Are!"

It was another eventful day on ABC's "The View", with Meghan McCain getting into another tiff with a co-star.

The hosts were speaking about President Biden, and his interactions with the press after his summit with Vladimir Putin on Wednesday. Biden apologized on Wednesday for a bit of a heated exchange with a reporter, saying he shouldn't of been such a "wise guy."

The hosts discussed the moment, in which McCain appeared unsatisfied with the apology, and saying Biden had gotten a "pass" thus far. Whoopi started to comment, but then McCain interrupted, and the segment went off the rails.

Whoopi: “Well, to just comment on that - yeah, the thing that I never saw Trump do is apologize to anybody. And I will take it, well, because sometimes you know because sometimes I’m rude to somebody. We’re all like that.”

Meghan (interjecting): “With all due respect, I don’t care. We’re not the president.”

Whoopi: “Let me just finish what I’m saying…”

Meghan: “With all due respect, I don’t care if he’s apologizing. He just embarrassed himself.”

Whoopi: “I don’t care that you don’t care; just hear what I’m saying.”

Meghan: “Well, I don’t care that YOU don’t care, Whoopi, so we’re even!”

Whoopi: “Well then, good, Meghan. Then you can be how you always are.”

Meghan: “You can be how YOU always are.”

Then the show cuts to commercial.

You can check out a clip of the interaction below.

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