Wendy Williams on Britney Spears's Parents: "Death To All Of Them!"

Wendy Williams is no stranger to controversy — and this week was just another episode to add to that!

The talk show host stunned her audience when she was speaking about Britney Spears’s conservatorship saga, and while adding that she was “fooled” by Jamie Spears, Britney’s father, and how upset she was — she went even farther and said:

“How dare you, Mr. Spears! You had me fooled. And you too Mrs. Spears. DEATH to all of them!”

The audience audibly gasped at the comments, and Wendy herself almost seemed shocked the words came out of her mouth, as even she had a shocked look on her face with her mouth wide open.

The clip has now since been edited out of the full episode of that day, which is always uploaded to YouTube. The footage cuts out right before she makes the statement and then just returns with her shocked reaction.

Wendy hasn’t commented on it yet, and neither has Spears’s family.

This of course all came out after Britney Spears’s harrowing testimony in court last Wednesday, where she revealed the details of what she’s gone through underneath the court ordered conservatorship over the last 13 years. Britney’s father, Jamie, led the charge for her to be under the conservatorship and has been in control for over the last decade. Spears told the court, among other things, that the conservatorship had “traumatized” her. You can read and listen to her entire testimony here.

Photo: Wendy Williams Show/FOX

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