Wendy Williams Sets The Record Straight On Viral 'FartGate' Moment

Wendy Williams is setting the record straight on the infamous “blart”-gate from January.

If you recall, there was a clip from Wendy’s show where she was talking about Kim Kardashian and then suddenly burped, but viewers also seemed to hear a fart noise at the same time. The clip trended on Twitter, as many viewers claimed (and it did sound like it…) that the talk show host burped and farted at the same time. You can see that clip below.

In an interview on Andy Cohen’s SiriusXM channel this week, Wendy spoke of the incident, saying that she didn’t fart.

To Cohen, she said, “It’s so disgusting. Like, people are so weird with that. I didn’t pass gas.” She added that there rumors it was a crew member that was audible, but she said that wasn’t true either.

Andy also called her after she appeared to deflect from blart-gate, talking about how the audience will be 100% full in the fall. Andy questioned her, asking her what that had to do with the “alleged gas passing” incident, and she admitted she was trying to deflect and that the rumors were “so stupid.”

She added, “I burp all the time, right there on camera. I sneeze and things like that. But, you know what? That’s what people do when they’re having regular conversation. And people are like, ‘You’re an animal.”

Wendy denied farting earlier in the year when it happened too, saying she “never farted once on the show” and that she “barely farts.”

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