Everyone Is Shook At How This Wendy Williams Segment Ended

People are generally ready to be surprised by Wendy Williams at any moment, but people were VERY shook at the segment she did on Thursday, that... did not end how you would've expected it.

The clip first had circulated on Wednesday, but gained steam on social media on Thursday.

The viral video started out normally, with Wendy discussing social media with her producers, and how many followers she has on TikTok, Instagram, and how it compares to other stars. Wendy talked about how “no one is on Instagram anymore” and that she’s certainly not on TikTok and she doesn’t want to know what it is.

She brought up Swavy, a TikTok star, who ha 2.5 million followers on TikTok, with Wendy using his image from his Instagram profile to start up the segment.

Wendy talked about she had “no idea who this person is”, adding, “Neither does one person in this building.” She asked the audience if they knew who he was — a few clapped.

The segment seemed innocent enough — her audience even cheered when they found out she has more followers on Instagram than he does.

And then… things took a very dark twist. As Wendy turns around to look at his picture on the screen, telling the audience again that’s what he looks like… she turns back around and abruptly tells the audience that the 19-year old was shot and killed this week.

People were unsettled to say the least about the way Wendy handled it, and of course social media had a field day.

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