Philadelphia Is The Answer On Another "Jeopardy!" Question

It's the incident that we'll never be able to live down as Philadelphias, apparently!

Philadelphia was the answer to another question on "Jeopardy!", but the topic was something that most Philadelphians would like to forget about!

The $200 clue was, "On December 15, 1968, there was no 'Brotherly Love' as this NFL home team's fans booed Santa & pelted him with snowballs"

And of course, the answer was the Eagles and Philadelphia.

Luckily, the reigning Jeopardy! champ, Matt Amodio, got it right.

6ABC reports it as such: "The Santa-snowball story has been used as evidence for anyone trying to portray Philadelphia sports fan in a poor light." You can check out more info on the original story, including the Santa himself from the incident, on 6ABC's website right here.

Check out the video from Jeopardy! below.

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