Suncoast Motion Picture Company is Still Open in the Tri-State Area!

So here's a blast from the past!

Remember Suncoast Motion Picture Company? There used to be a ton of them around back in the day, along with the Sam Goody's of yesteryear! They focused on movies, but also sold music like cassettes and CD's, and other electronic items. If you recall, there was one in the King of Prussia mall for quite some time.

Unfortunately, much like many of the physical media stores of its era, they began to shut down many of their stores by the mid-to-late 2000s. By now, in 2021, with many of these stores straight up extinct (FYE is really the only that is still around), it was a shock to us to find out that there is still ONE store left in our area!

Yep, there are still 6 Suncoast stores alive in the country, including Beaumont, Texas, Omaha, Nebraska, Jacksonville, North Carolina, Portland, Oregon, Beavercreek, Ohio, and.... none other than Eatontown, New Jersey! The last remaining Suncoast store is still kicking in the Monmouth Mall, a little over an hour outside of Philly!

We decided to take a small drive to see one in person, and it was quite the experience! Now, if you've been in a FYE recently (like the ones at the Plymouth Meeting Mall or Montgomery Mall), this store will feel very similar to you, because Suncoast is now owned by the same company that owns FYE - Sunrise Records (and formerly TransWorld Entertainment from 2006-2020).

So, while the store's contents (mainly DVDs, blu-rays, 4K discs, etc. but also other pop culture items) may not come as a surprise if you've been to an FYE recently (since that is what that store is mainly focusing on these days), it was still quite surreal to walk into a Suncoast store! Haven't done that since the early 2000s!

Check out some of the photos below of what the store looks like inside. There's also a video from a YouTuber at the top of the page, who checked out the store in February of this year.

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