Wendy Williams Shocks Audiences With Another Bizarre Segment

Another week, another viral Wendy Williams segment that caught audiences off guard.

The segment from this week has been making the rounds with Wendy starting harmlessly enough, by enjoying that she finally has a full studio. “Nice, full audience…” she starts out. The audience applauses, as she adds, “yeah, yeah. Thank you all for being here.”

Then, out of nowhere, Wendy starts: “For those of you out of town, you should know, that a woman was slashed in the face on 20th street right here in Chelsea.” The audience then gasps, as they, nor the audience watching at home, didn’t know this was where Wendy was gonna go with the segment.

As the audible gasps and groans are heard in the audience, Wendy shrugs, and adds, “Just saying.”

You can watch the clip above.

This isn’t the first time a segment on Wendy’s show devolved into something completely out of nowhere. Wendy got a lot of flack back in July when a harmless segment about social media ended up with Wendy being seemingly nonchalant about a TikTok star’s murder.

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