Kelly Price Breaks Her Silence On Reports She's Missing

It's been a wild couple days in the gospel world, as singer Kelly Price was announced as officially missing in Georgia on Friday, and by Sunday night, had got in contact with TMZ to break her silence with what had gone on.

TMZ had Kelly on Sunday night, as she said, despite official police reports naming her a missing person, she claims she "was never actually missing". Price says she "isolated herself as she recovered from COVID and was avoiding her family", who she adds she does not generally stay in touch with that closely.

Price went on to talk about her battle with COVID-19, saying she flatlined at one point, and actually had to be brought back to life by the doctors and hospital staff. She added that she's still on oxygen, and had a tough time speaking at different parts of the interview. She said she felt strongly about getting her story out after the reports over the weekend. Kelly's attorney, Monica Ewing, did not specify whether she was vaccinated or not.

Kelly insinuated there was some drama behind the scenes with her family, as they were the most vocal about her missing whereabouts over the last couple days. Her attorney says she's working on getting Kelly off the Georgia missing person list.

We are happy to see that Kelly is not missing after all, and working on her recovery - but it appears there is still many questions surrounding her 'missing' ordeal, especially with her family. We hope they can work it out.

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