Vinny Reveals Whether We'll See 'Jersey Shore Family Vacation' Season 3!

So, even though we're only a bit into Season 2 of MTV's Jersey Shore Family Vacation, we're already clammoring to see if there will be another season of the hit show. Chio & Shila spoke to Vinny this week and among other things, asked him what he could tell us about another season. 

This is what he had to say:

“So what’s happening is, we are actually still filming this season. Because what you guys, obviously see on TV, was done months ago. So we go and do that, and then we film more, and you’ll see it a couple months later. So this next season [referring to current season], is gonna be pretty long, it’s gonna be like 20-something episodes. So we’re not, in like, any kind of rush to be like “oh we gotta season 3 and season 4”. We’re doing this one, we’re gonna let this rock.”

So basically, it doesn't seem we'll find out anything until after this season gets done filming, but if we were to place a bet... we'd say it's pretty likely. We're also pretty shocked that they are STILL filming this season! We thought it was done filming!

Listen to the whole interview below, and the Season 3 talk is at about the 6:05 mark.

Matt Michaels

Matt Michaels

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