Gabrielle Union Comments On Fan Request For 'Bring It On' Remake

It barely feels like it's been nearly two decades since the cult hit cheerleading comedy, "Bring It On", but it has been -- and is there any hope of a continuation or remake in our future? And by that, I mean besides those awful multiple direct-to-video sequels that were made again.. and again... and again.

A recent Twitter user tweeted, seemingly at random: 'Here me out, so a Bring It On remake with Gabrielle Union as the coach of the Clovers and Ryan Destiny as the NEW captain.'

Gabrielle Union, one of the obviously many major stars of the film, saw the tweet and responded, "hmmm and I'm thinking less "coach" more Mama June"

So not exactly a ringing endorsement of a continuation, but at least it's on her radar! Maybe we could get a funny Jimmy Fallon or Funny or Die type sketch to reunite the cast after all these years?

As for a remake or reboot that had nothing to do with the original cast, we're gonna say nah fam on that one. The sequels were bad enough.

Matt Michaels

Matt Michaels

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