ABC's "The Goldbergs" Headed to Hersheypark For Upcoming Episode

Basically no show on TV does better Philly-isms than ABC's "The Goldbergs", and that continues as it's been revealed that they'll hit up Hersheypark in an upcoming episode!  The episode will air Wednesday October 17th at 8pm and will, according to the press release, follow the family on a trip to the amusement park for some "extremely large chocolate bars" and even some "Sooperdooperlooper referencces." What's even more interesting is that the show films in California, so they didn't do anything remote -- so we'll see how close their set is to the real thing!

You can check out a teaser too right HERE -- can't wait for this! They always do the local references right!

Matt Michaels

Matt Michaels

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