Uber, Lyft Offer Free Rides To Polling Stations on Election Day in Philly

Uber and Lyft are making it even easier to get out and vote on November 6th by offering FREE rides! According to CBS3, a new button will appear in the apps on November 6th. This function will allow users to find their polling place, book a ride for free, and then go vote! The whole thing is being funded by Uber, Left, and groups #VoteTogether and Democracy Works. 

An Uber rep had to say this about the decision:

“I think as a tech company we want to think innovatively as to how we can use out technology for good,” said Dave Barmore, Public Policy Manager at Uber. “You know, our new CEO who has been around for a year and our team of senior leaders were really excited to announce this. It is something very important to them as well, so I think as a company we are all thrilled to be doing our part to make sure everyone can cast their vote on election day.”

So if you might have trouble getting around on November 6th, or don't have a car, or whatever the reason -- there is no excuse! Definitely use this to get out and vote!

Matt Michaels

Matt Michaels

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