Many People Still Feel They Are Being Fat Shamed!

Do you think fat shaming is still a problem with our society?? Apparently, 34% of people say they’ve experienced fat shaming first hand, or witnessed someone experiencing it.  However, 52% of obese people say they are "fat shamed" all the time!  Now I was shocked at that number because if that's true??  That's terrible!  And extremely sad! 

No matter their size or shape, 85% of people think fat shaming is a serious issue, with 48% think it's very serious!  Finally,  while most people realize obesity is a real problem, whether it’s a disease or not is another story. The survey finds that 53% of people think it’s a disease, yet 46% feel it is a lifestyle choice.

Now this is all according to a survey by the NORC at the University of Chicago.  

You can read the FULL STUDY HERE!

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