Quarantining Means More Sex For Some Couples..

Sometimes it isn't easy being stuck in self-isolation with your significant other...unless....you get busy. You know...GET BUSY!! Isolation could be the best thing that ever happened for your sex life.

A recent poll finds that 13% of adults say they have been having more frequent sex since he lockdown began, with experts noting that it’s natural for a sex drive to increase because folks are free from some of the daily things that stress them out. Read the whole article from the New York Post HERE.

A New York City sex therapist, Brad Salzman, says people are generally disconnected these days. Salman says: “Now, people are forced to spend time together and are using it as an opportunity to enjoy each other … and that naturally leads to the desire to be together sexual

It's the case for a school teacher named Denise who says she and her spouse hadn’t had sex in two years until they were forced into isolation together. Denise says: "We ended up having one of the best nights we’ve ever had in the bedroom, and we’ve rebuilt our marriage to a whole other level because of the quarantine.” Well, now. And it's free marriage therapy!

Another couple from Ontario also saw their already okay sex life get even better. “We went from having sex three or four times a week to two or three times a day, ” they say. That;s one frisky couple.

One bonus of being self-quarantined together could be that now there’s actually more time during the day to have sex, because folks are not away from each other during work hours.

So have fun..all the fun you can handle...(sorry about the pun!)