Will You Sign On For 'Dry January' And Stop Drinking For a Month?

Did you reach for more drinks than usual in 2020? You are not alone, my friend. Many drank more, starting earlier in the day. Now millions are signing on for Dry January, where you swear off the booze, for at least a month, anyway. This effort has been gaining more and more popularity since it started in 2013, when 4000 people participated. Last year 4 million took part, and even more this January 2021.

Studies show you can get healthier even if you stop drinking for a month. In fact, a 2018 study says laying off the sauce for just one month lowered blood pressure and cholesterol, reduced diabetes and cancer risks. But having structure can help. Get it with the free app 'Try Dry', where you can and track the calories and money you'll save by not drinking. And good luck.