Can President Biden Bring His Peloton To The White House?

President Biden might not be able to bring his beloved Peloton bike to the White House. His personal weight control and exercise regimen includes a spin on his pricey bike every morning. Peloton is a piece of exercise equipment worth upwards of $2500...and it links riders up to intense workout classes.  In fact, I hear that Mr. Biden and his wife negotiate every morning on who gets to ride first!

But Peloton has microphones and built in cameras that allow users to see and hear each other if they choose, and that poses cybersecurity risks. The last thing the CIA wants is the Russians or the Chinese peering or listening into the White House gym. Because of that, Mr. Biden may have to ditch it when he moves into the White House today. Come on though, if the Prez wants his bike he should be able to have it, after the Secret Service and National Security Agency are finished with it. We'll see. Hope he got to take a ride this morning!